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Portrait - Zebra Finch


2014 - TAM Studios, LCT F, portrait of a Zebra Finch, oils on wooden panel, 18 x 13 cm



strawberries 2015


2014   Three Strawberries on lace I

LCT 406 ST


oil painting on wooden panel



3 cherries


2014, Still life of 3 Cherries on lace. ,LCT 405 SLCH, 10 cm x 15 cm, oil painting on wooden panel.



Tonkinson - Still life dutch tea towl on concrete


2014 - Opleiding

Nederlandse theedoek 2, LCT 412 TD, 60 cm x 30 cm,  oil painting on wooden panel



cloth on wood-001


Still life study - Opleiding

Dutch tea towel on wood, study after a Dutch master Painter, LCT 411 DT, 60 cm x 30 cm, oil painting techniques on wooden panel



AP apples 2015-002

2014 Holland - Still life of applesoil painting techniques on wooden panel 18x24 cm.




2014 Holland - Still life of eggsoil painting techniques on wooden panel 10x15 cm.



persian cat


Persian cat


oil paining on panel



European hedgehog


Hedgehog / Egel,

LCT 434 HH,


oils on wooden panel.



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Welcome to the wonderful world of oil painting techniques with Art Master Leone Tonkinson

40 years on and still going.


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