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Silver tea pot

Reflections of a silver tea pot * 40x50cm * oil on panel



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Reflections of a silver tea pot:

A pencil drawing within an oil painting - a very exciting concept!


The subject matter of a lot of my paintings is usually dictated by the needs of my student artists. This painting is a study of silver. Here I have sketched the tea pot directly onto my panel and with the aid of a few oil painting techniques,  I have managed to seal the graphite to the panel.


Once dry I have added several layers of glazing. Nothing was planned, and it amazed me how much one discovers when one is willing to experiment. With the drawing complete and safely sealed, I moved on to working in the colors and even made an effort to over emphasized the colors in the shadows to make my palette of colors, more exciting.


I added a soft translucent texture into the background to emphasize and contrast the coldness of the metal against the coldness of the marbled back ground. The translucent marble creates more visible space between the two main objects. 

By adding little to no color to the table top and more color in the shadows, the whole mood of the painting becomes bright and shiny and shouts out "silver".


The composition was challenging and a lot of attention had to be given to the little tea bag holder, slightly off-set to the right. Together with the tea pot, it not only creates an interesting negative space, but it also leads the eye back into the painting along the silver chain.

By moving the blue bowl to the far left and more towards the viewer, there is more tension created as the viewer has to make the jump from the tea pot to the blue bowl and back again.


I purchased this little tea pot from a Turkish gift shop in Groningen, within the first months of my arrival in Europe.  I am surprised how lovely this painting is. It offers me more than others can expect as its quite an interesting combination of elements and remind me of how I felt about myself in Europe, at the time.


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