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T H E   F i N E   A R T   O F   O i L   P A I N T i N G

“...for me it`s about the relationship between objects, the astonishing things that happen in the shadows, in the reflections and in the details.

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L E O N E   T O N K i N S O N

South African born and based in the Netherlands.

At the early age of 6, Leone was already drawing profusely, boasting a well oiled collection of art materials.

By the time she reached primary school, she had clients, needless to say, as the demand for her work grew, her father honed her business skills and so she came to graduated from high school with a university exemption Leone Tonkinsonfor graphic and commercial art.

In 1994 Leone left her 13 year career in Architecture to pursue a BA Fine Arts degree at UNISA.

In 2000 she relocated to Port Elizabeth and it is here where she saw an opportunity to become an entrepreneur. Autumn Shades art studio grew into The Port Elizabeth School of Fine Art.


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Tonkinson studio 2006In 2005, Leone sort accreditation from NMMU and was offered a sponsorship to complete her sabbatical in the Netherlands,
however, while studying abroad, she came to love the Dutch culture and decided to make the Netherlands her home.

in 2006 Leone relocated to the Netherlands, and went on to registered and establish her own Adult art school namely, TonkinsonARTmasters. Now popularly know as TAM
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To date, she have taught more than 1 650 students, all of which have successfully completed 3 years or more. A generous amount of 72% of my former
student artists are still active to date.



Leone has relished the privilege of assisting in over 450 solo exhibitions, held by her former students who are now working as full time artists.

In 2008, She held her first solo exhibition in the Netherlands, went on to establish a nonprofit organization, the europARTexpo.  A platform for artists from all around the world.
Today, Leone lives and works in the quint village of Radio Kootwijk which is situated in a Nature Reserve namely, the Hooge Veluwe.
Leone is a passionate teacher at TAM and she regularly travels, offering lectures throughout Europe.

Leone still holds at least one solo exhibition every year in the quaint little village of Radio Kootwijk.v


“Mijn uitdaging is het spelen met licht en de magische illusie van licht in een kleur. Ik vind het een uitdaging om kleuren te mengen. Ik heb er een theorie over ontwikkeld en het is nu mijn favorite les onderwerp.”

de Stentor

David Levie


My challenge is capturing the magical illusive light within color itself.

I have always found color mixing for realistic painting to be quite complicated, thats why I decided to develop my own color wheel

To date its my favorite lecture..

oil paintng workshop - silver

pointer  I N S P I R A T I O N 

Fresh out of architectural service, Leone boasted over 163 portraits of government officials.

2000 - 2006, Leone gracefully painted her way into African wild life and specialized in wild cats.

2007 - 2013, Her European portfolio continued to grow in portraiture commissions and African wild life.

2014 - 2016, Leone dedicate 3 years to the study of European realism by active Art Masters: Walter Elst, Henk Helmantel, Jura Bedic, Ger Stavenga and Mohlmann.

2017 - 2019, Leone plans to dedicate the next 2 years on developing  composition in wild life. Using her back yard and the Hooge Veluwe Nature Reserve as her source of inspiration.

pointer  I N N O V A T I O N

Its no wonder that Leone's work carries a distinct architectural flavor with a compilation of eclectic textures, typical of her South African roots.

Leone's work is exceptionally neat and articulatory assembled. She is a perfectionist in all senses of the word.

In our interview, we discovered that Leone has an innovative hobby- designing and streamlining her studio and equipment,. Leone has made an array of tailored prochade boxes and innovative tools especially designed to accommodate her very active artistic life.

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This web page is the home page of Art Master Leone Tonkinson and is managed by her. She the sole, worldwide copyright holder and web master of all her creative works. Al l her images in this and all other web sites can only exist through her express permission.  The artist reserves the right to publish, make copies and to sell prints of all her artworks, which appear on this site as well as all other web sites, for the sole purpose of her income and towards her pension fund.

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