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Sweetpeas sweet memories * 21x20cm *  oil painting on panel

Sweet peas sweet memories:

A fragrance which will always bring me memories of my childhood. Some people prefer comfort foods, but for me, it's the colors, the smell and painted words of a moment in time.


Far away from family, feeling home sick, recalling memories of things my mother made or did prompted me to surround myself with inspiration and so came about, a small collection of paintings for myself.


While lovingly working on this still life of sweet peas, I adding an abundance of eatable color, fine textures, and shadows as they fell on each flower, I recall the sweet memories of being a child.


This painting taught me that, like people, each oil painting technique has quite an expansive personality of its own. I wanted to create a painting that is full of simplicity, sweetness and innocent; yet sophisticated. It is a small bright colorful painting full of happy memories and vibrant energies, just like my family.


I used a loose painterly techniques for the background so that the subject matter would appear to be free from the background. I like to consider the aerial space around objects before I go on to discover the hidden secrets in the subject matter itself.


A small limited palette of bright and vibrant, yet harmonious colors inter-mixed, gave me a wide range of harmonious values to work with. The composition is quite simple and suits the subject matter well, so I put more energy into the juxtapose of the flowers. I also tried to break up the silhouette and added a bud with saturated color to create a focal point. The addition of repetitive horizontal lines creates a firm foundation. No great inventions here, just a painting that is simply sweet.


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