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     2021  W O R K S H O P S


Oil painting techniques for all levels of artists!

All levels of artists welcome!


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What will you learn

  • Everything about oil painting techniques, supports and mediums.
  • How to use all kinds of brushes.
  • A step-by-step introduction on how to use oil.
  • Learn only the techniques that you need.
  • We have Demo-lessons for those of you whom wish to brush up your skills, eg,. fur, eyes, glass, etc.
  • Maintenance and care for oil painting.
  • Techniques of the Old Masters as well as those used by the Contemporary Masters of today.
  • The basic fundamentals of art making.



  S T U D E N T   G A L L E R Y

portraiture 1
abstract hans ter keurs - portraits
Laura - pet portraits
wild life old masters
gold leaf - Marja Petrus
Gonny de Weert - wild life
Alex Slingenberg - landscape

  T E S T I M O N I A L S

“Leone is behalve een allround Art Master ook een inspirerend persoon. Haar lessen zijn voor mij altijd een feestje!”

Els Taris


“Ik vind het een uitdaging om kleuren te mengen. Ik heb er een theorie over ontwikkeld en het is nu mijn favorite les onderwerp.”

de Stentor, David Levie.

Als je gevoel voor schilderen hebt is het een aanbeveling om de olieverf lessen bij Leone te volgen. 

Tineke Buwalda Uithol.

     D e m o   L E S S O N S    *   D e m o  W O R K S H O P S

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There are demo lessons especially designed for all levels of artists.


Choose out of a collection of demo lessons - small quick paintings - to perfect an oil painting techniques that you wish to master, e.g., how to paint porcelain, glass, crystal, flowers, clouds, water, eyes, or techniques that will help you better understand perspective, composition, etc.


Painting with oils also requires a good understanding of color. Demo lessons will help you mix the right color every time, get a grip on color balance, reflective color and which colors to use in the shadows.

     2021  W O R K S H O P S

Welcome to the wonderful world of oil painting techniques. I am Leone Tonkinson an active artist, teacher, and the founding director of Tonkinson Art Masters, fondly known as TAM Art School.  At TAM I have been passionately introducing all levels of artists to the fine art of oil painting since 1981.

Tam anni 40years

on-line oil painting classical workshops

4 on-line  W O R K S H O P S

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Are you working on a commission, family gift or an extra-large painting at home?

Let us get together on-line for hands on advice and tips in one-on-one sessions.

TAM oil painting workshops bird

7  W O R K S H O P S

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Weather you choose your own project or join our group of artists  in painting demos, you will have learnt the basic fundamentals of oil painting. A good foundation for all levels of artists.

oil painting workshops with Tonkinson

14  W O R K S H O P S

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Are you enjoying your oil painting workshops? Let’s get some more of your own creative ideas together and work on your personal palette and creative signature.

oil painting TAM Art School

27  W O R K S H O P S

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Take your time in learning in depth oil painting techniques that best suit your needs. Together we will develop your very own style and signature.

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Welcome to the wonderful world of oil painting techniques with Art Master Leone Tonkinson

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