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T H E   F i N E   A R T   O F   O i L   P A I N T i N G

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“...for me it`s about the details, the relationship between objects and the astonishing things that happen in the shadows and reflections.”

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T A M   A R T    P A N E L S


MDF white lacquer foil

MDF is made up of very fine wood fibers that have been compressed with glue. The plate is very stable, flat and tight and it is very easy to saw and mill. The top and bottom are provided with a white paint-able film so that it can be easily and quickly over painted. After mounting, you only need to lightly sand it before applying your art work.

artist panels

MDF lacquer foil is a pressed fibreboard made of MDF , provided on both sides with a hard white smooth foil that forms the basis for a final lacquer layer . The paint foil prevents excessive absorption of the paint, resulting in a uniform and smooth result with less paint.

The ready-to-paint foil does not have to be primed and according to the suppliers it is almost wear-resistant, shock-resistant, colored through-and-through, somewhat rough and saves a lot of paintwork. Sometimes the varnish foil is made of melamine, which is even harder and stronger. The sawing edges and any cut edges are pre-treated and sealed with black gesso and can be painted as well.

Applicable paints are based on acrylic, high-solid or PU ( polyurethanelacquer). PU lacquer is quite scratch-resistant, so it may be preferable, although the acrylic paints seem to yellow less quickly. The number of coatings depends on the desired end result. Paint can be applied with a brush, roller or sprayed.

Production process MDF lacquer film ( International Plywood )
"MDF paint foil is manufactured in a continuous process (Continious Pressed Laminate CPL) The pre-impregnated support is rolled from a roll on the pre-glued plate at a temperature of about 185 degrees C (hot pressing), so that curing of the glue takes place. The plate is square-edged, the film has excellent adhesion and gives excellent paint adhesion. The paint foil is applied through hot pressing to prevent any chance of delamination.

MDF paint foil is applied indoors in a dry environment : for interior construction, furniture industry, shop fittings, room fittings, for example for partition walls, radiator coverings, sliding doors , cabinets, etc.


MDF coated with white lacquer foil and finished off with a gesso treatment.




20 x 20 cm

20 x 30 cm


30 x 30 cm

30 x 40 cm


40 x 40 cm

40 x 50 cm


50 x 50 cm

40 x 60 cm



50 x 70 cm

**portrait special



Artists Panels are quite hardy and almost any finger print mark, general stain or scuff can be removed with a lick of either turpentine and/or benzine(was-benzine), for the more stubborn marks or scuffs.



F o u n d i n g   D i r e c t o r   o f   T A M   A d u l t   e d u c a t i o n   i n   t h e   f i n e   a r t   o f   o i l   p a i n t i n g

This web page is the home page of Art Master Leone Tonkinson. She is the sole, worldwide copyright holder and web master of all her creative works. All her images in this and all other web sites can only exist through her express permission. The artist reserves the right to publish, make copies and to sell reproductions of all her artworks, which appear on this site as well as all other web sites, for the sole purpose of her income and towards her pension fund.

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